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Journey through the chakras with the mystical chakra mantras from Lam to OM.

Learn how to energize and balance your own chakras with the yoga of sound.

This track is a companion to Dr. Graves’  book, The Mystical Chakra Mantras.

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Who Are We?
We are a Digital Publisher & Distributor of Metaphysical Works

Novus Energia, Inc. – is a newly formed digital publisher and distributor of metaphysical works.  These works include books, articles, videos, pod casts and inspirational music, (some free – some not) from our own house and others. We are grateful to the larger book & media distributors for providing Affiliate Programs for smaller houses who merely want to promote good stuff.

Our goals and desires are simple……  to bring the metaphysical community closer together and raise the overall vibration of humanity.

Why in digital?

eBooks simply can provide a multi-media experience for the reader if they are well written. This truly is a benefit, especially if learning about Sanskrit mantra pronunciation, or yoga asana correct form. Imagine how easy it is to just click while you’re reading in order to hear or see what you’ve been reading about. eBooks essentially provide all of the benefits of a classroom, without the expense or distraction of commuting!

Authors and artists are welcome from all walks of life who are teachers at the core of their being, and have a desire to share what they have learned along their individual journeys.  We publish items that inspire, create positive outlooks, uplift and strive to create a more harmonious Universe.

We also welcome your engagement with Dr. G on his blog! He’ll take you on a journey to discover alternative medicine! Medicine that comes from your consciousness, not from the pharmacy!

Blessings and Namaste



Margo Ross Sears

Margo Dai Sensei is a former high school and college English professor in the USA and briefly in Japan. Currently, she is a professional photographer, journalist and copywriter. In 2001, her co-worker took her to a Reiki treatment and that opened Margo’s mind and transformed her life. Subsequently, by 2003 Margo studied with three Reiki Teachers in North Carolina and certifying in all 4 Usui/Tibetan Reiki degrees. Already a teacher of meditation, intuition development, chakras, and a certified Life Coach, the addition of teaching Reiki fit well.

Since then, Margo taught Reiki to 300+ students (more than 260 of them to Master level). After she met and later married David W. Sears, who completed his Reiki Teacher degree in 2009, the twosome became a popular Reiki teaching team. He is a contributing author and an editor in this Reiki series.In 2004, with amazing support from colleagues and community who gave popular demand, Margo also founded a professional association for all types of energy workers and lightworkers, named LEWA (Light & Energy Workers Association). Based in North Carolina, Pastor Margo led LEWA to evolve into a national, non-profit, multi-faith spiritual organization with 205+ non-denominational clergy members.

Margo also has 4 other books in-progress—2 kids and 2 adult:
* kids’ novel of the adventures a Tibetan monk who finds 11 dragon eggs which hatch
* a short book of the adventures of cute, magical Christmas spider
* quasi-biographical, a novice time traveler bent on discreetly taking an uncorrupted DNA sample from her doppelganger great-grandmother in historic Philadelphia.
* the biography of her deceased sister who spoke 5 languages, was accepted to Harvard graduate school, earned a Fulbright scholarship, a beauty model and athlete, a poet, married twice (once secretly to an AWOL east Asian), superglued a quarter to the floor of her kitchen for laughs, lived inside cold-war-era Romania, works as a soda jerk at the US Embassy while secretly working for the government, and took 1 month to die from a strange auto accident, leading to stranger events at her funeral…at age 23.

Privately, Pastor Margo and David own and operate a full time, unique beach wedding and photography business earning 12 industry excellence awards from over 1,500 weddings! Also, Margo’s photography made the covers of four wedding magazines. Additionally, they co-host drum circles, Reiki circles, occasional classes, and other related events locally. And, they share their home with a spoiled, sweet, rescue tuxedo cat who basically runs their home.









AuthorsDr. Harrison Graves

Harrison Graves MD is a physician, yogi and author of Mantra Meditation: An Alternative Treatment For Anxiety and Depression.

After a long career as a board-certified emergency physician and associate UNC professor, Dr. G left the ER behind to pursue a new interest: the Yoga of Sound — the yoga of healing music and healing mantra. It had been his good fortune to study music and mantra with Russill Paul (Anirud Jaidev), a master sound yogi from Chennai. In addition, Dr. G studied Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda for two years at the Wisdom Fire School of Yoga in Berkeley, California.

In 2010, Dr. G began teaching mantra yoga, presenting Yoga of Sound workshops at yoga studios and wellness centers along the East Coast. In 2014, he published The Mystical Chakra Mantras, the world’s first interactive ebook on mantra yoga. With links to YouTube, the readers may experience the mantras, followed by Mantra Meditation: An Alternative Treatment For Anxiety and Depression in 2015.

The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”             Thomas Edison 1903      

In 2016, Dr. Graves launched a “Healing Mantras” online course on the DailyOM.com, wrote alternative medical blogs for the Art of Living Retreat Center and launched a new website:





Chakra Mantra
Cover-Mantra Meditation Book



Mindfulness Made Easy Cover
OM with Healing Mantras

Journey through the chakras with the mystical chakra mantras from Lam to OMLearn how to energize and balance your own chakras with the yoga of sound. A companion to Dr. Graves’  book, The Mystical Chakra Mantras.

Dr Janet Hosmer -AuthorsDr. Janet Hosmer

Dr. Hosmer began her study of spirituality and metaphysics in the early 1980 s after struggling with multiple personal traumas in her life. Working as a computer engineer for the US Air Force, she knew that there were answers available if she began to look. She knew inherently that there was a deeper meaning to our life experience than what was felt on the surface.

As many do after a life-changing event, she set out on a search for meaning and understanding. Also as many do, found her answers by studying and embracing the spiritual nature of our existence.

She received a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences in 2008, and is an ordained minister of the Wisdom of the Heart Church. She is also a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner.

Dr. Hosmer founded and was the Executive Director of the Life in Balance Spiritual Wellness Center, a unique non-profit located in Little River, SC. Her personal philosophies are deeply rooted in her study of metaphysics.  It is the branch of philosophy studying fundamental principles intended to describe or explain all that is outside of religious beliefs. Life in Balance, Inc. offered the public the opportunity for the study and practice of several learning and healing modalities helping individuals find the perfect balance between the mind, body and spirit. The center offered workshops, speakers and practitioners. They providing education and instruction to help those seeking to understand this life experience, and achieve their best and highest authentic self.

Currently retired, Dr. Hosmer continues to offer her services as a Spiritual & Wellness Counselor to private clients. She is also the founder and Executive Director of Novus Energia, Inc.

AuthorsCayenne Graves

Cayenne Graves is a true renaissance woman — artist, author and Yogic/Ayurvedic Psychological Counselor. Her passion is sharing the wisdom of the yogic sages with cutting edge neuroscience in all her endeavors — whether counseling, writing or creating art.

Cayenne’s latest passion is Vedic Palm reading, a scientific art. Her ability to offer guidance and wisdom is gained from her dedication to experiential spiritual and scientific study, life experiences, and skills of counseling, writing and teaching for 34 years. Just “take a selfie of your hand and send it to Cayenne”  at palmreadingbyCayenne.com.  Her Palm Reading Service is committed to encouraging you to thrive by feeling good about life, yourself and your purpose.


  • Certified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
  • Certified: Yoga and Ayurvedic Health Counselor, American Institute of Vedic Studies, Dr. David Frawley
  • Yoga/Ayurvedic Advanced Meditation with Dr. David Frawley, American Institute of Vedic Studies
  •  Certificate: Positive Neuroplasticity Training-Professional Course, 10/2016  Rick Hanson, Ph.D.
  • Trained in Heartmath Coherence (syncing heart rhythms, brain waves and physiological systems of the body for optimal health, creativity and intuition).
  • One year Yoga of Sound Internship with master sound yogi Russill Paul (Anirud Jaidev) of Chennai, India, author of “The Yoga of  Sound”

Online Course

Now featured on the DailyOm.com — an 8-week online course “Finding Happiness Again.”  The course features guided meditation for letting go of pain and returning to joy. This course is the culmination of Cayenne’s many years of listening to others and translating scientific theory into solid skills for a direct experience of safety, peace of mind and loving connection to ourselves, others and Spirit.

The Listening Space

In 1986, Cayenne founded The Listening Space, a counseling service specializing in the release of painful feelings. Her practice uses the expressive arts, meditation and mindfulness — and now palm reading. As a Transformational Life Coach, she cares deeply and is reaching out, offering her heartfelt support to those yearning to be loved, heard, understood and accepted. Cayenne strives to show that these desires are within reach.

Visit Cayenne’s YouTube Channel here for her inspirational and moving videos, artwork and chants.

Also, Cayenne’s Journey Back to Joy Art Show is available for viewing. View her journey back to happiness from the depths of emotional pain.  The video features a series of 12 original oil paintings contained in Cayenne’s book, “How to Put the Wag Back Into Your Tail…The Art of Releasing Painful Feelings and Taking the Journey to Joy.”  In the book (available here), Cayenne shares her secrets for releasing painful emotions like grief, anxiety, stress, not ‘feeling good enough’ and loneliness. The book is also filled with links to online guided meditations and transformative practices to help readers connect with their Spirit Self, their Soul Self. 

How to Put the Wag

Michael Smith

As a 40 year old ex-spiritual seeker, Michael  spent the last 20 years of his life exploring the meaning, value, and purpose of life.

One day, something occurred that cleared all the chatter and fear from his mind.

The peace and connection he was seeking, became him.

His world, thoughts, past, and future all became one, and he was at peace and at home with himself and everything.

He suddenly realized that he had been “a drop of water in the ocean, looking for water.

This incredible feeling of connection with life was so strong that he was compelled to put it in words as a teaching to others in the form of poems and prose.

You can learn more about Mike here on his website at: https://mikes16480.wixsite.com/trueyou

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~Inspiration from Our Friends~





Visit Yoga DiVita’s YouTube Channel for beneficial videos to awaken.

Dawn says that when we are awake, we don’t hold on so tightly but allow ourselves room to move fluidly and react more kindly.


The Spiritual Radio Network is a place where you can get the spiritual help and education you have been looking for.

As the name denotes, The Spiritual Radio Network is an online spiritual radio network with many different free programs for you to listen to to help you.


Music From Mike Smith ~ our newest author! His hauntingly beautiful flute music takes one to places not visited before….

Mike’s words…. “I sat in the studio and thought, ‘how to play the notes of pure beingness to those who want to experience it’ The native American flutes seem to express it well. So each time I visited the studio I had no idea what the song would be that day. These were all created on the spot, with the grace of the music appearing. The engineer was amazed at how they turned out. I hope you enjoy and open home while listening.”


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We encourage you to explore the works of the authors below.

Watch for upcoming monthly reviews of selected titles!

New from Oprah!

The Wisdom of Sundays: Life-Changing Insights from Super Soul Conversations

Wisdom of Sundays

Now, for the first time, the aha moments of inspiration and soul-expanding insight that have enlightened millions on the three-time Emmy Award-winning Super Soul Sunday are collected in The Wisdom of Sundays, a beautiful, cherishable, deeply-affecting book

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