Cathy C. Andrews

Cathy is an angelic and galactic channel and co-creator/facilitator with Spirit of Wings on the Ground, Divine Channel, Alchemist of Plant Based Vibrational Elixirs in her Angel Apothecary Shoppe,  intuitive medium, Womens’ Circle Facilitator, Rose Line Grail Queen Initiate, death doula with Grace-Full Crossings, published author, multi-modality energy healer, and ordained interfaith minister. She has been offering the dynamic Wings on the Ground Sound Healing through Light Language since 2013.

Wings on the Ground

Wings on the Ground is a multifaceted spiritual expansion experience. We offer workshops designed around light language attunements guided by the wisdom of  archangels, ascended masters, spirit guides, angels & animal guides. Through Cathy Andrews, medium and healer, they  offer messages that support effective and  gentle movement of  ego blocks that keep consciousness  fragmented and fixed. 

Join Us!

We invite you to become a part of Wings on the Ground.  It is not a way of DOing!  It is a new way of BEing! The strength and wisdom that you have integrated into your being is your biggest contribution. The only thing you need to do is SHOW UP with an OPEN HEART and your ability to see your life with new eyes will create a  profound shift.