10 Easy Steps to a Healthier You

There are 24 hours in a day, is it possible that we can take an hour out of our day collectively to lead a healthier life? Following these 10 easy suggestions will help lead your mind, body and spirit to living life on a functional, positive vibes and upbeat level. Yes, you will have to put effort into it. Being in the year 2013 we have all gotten used to living the phrases, “Quick Fix” and “Instant Gratification,” so, turn off your cell phones and computers and let’s get back to some basics.

1. Every day upon rising, sit on the edge of your bed and take 10-20 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. In doing this, you’ll allow your personal energy, your CHI, a chance to start flowing evenly right from the beginning of your day.
2. Take 2-5 minutes each morning to read, whether it be an inspirational word book, affirmations, your bible, prayers ect… this action will fill you with positivity and peace at the beginning of your day.
3. DO NOT overdose on stimulants such as energy drinks, caffeine, nicotine, aspartame etc.… you wind up crashing a few hours later and disrupting your CHI in the long run. Protein and anti-oxidant filled foods and drinks are much healthier for you.
4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Water is always the best for your body, however, healthy juices and teas are great too. 65% of headaches are due to dehydration. Muscle cramping and joint pain can also occur from dehydration. Our summers are hot here in the south, so carry your healthy drink with you wherever you go.
5. Get 20 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. Simple things like walking, biking, swimming or dancing will do. Exercising releases endorphins which in turn gives you more energy and slims you down.
6. Family, Friends and mealtime, what does this mean? Make sure at least 3 times a week you gather with family and/or friends to eat a meal with. Having this fellowship in our lives provides a ton of spiritual healthiness. We laugh, we eat, we share our hearts.
7. Keeping a grateful journal is always a plus. Each night after dinner write down 3 things your grateful for that happened throughout your day. Having an attitude with gratitude is key.
8. Yes, the old stand-by grandma used to tell us… Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. They are filled with vitamins and minerals as well as fiber. 3 key things for a healthier you!
9. Cut your portions in half. Not just with the food you eat but your budget as well. Keeping a quarterly budget ledger has always kept me financially fit. This way I can make sure that what’s going out (money) is less than what’s coming in.
10. Reach out and touch someone’s life. Volunteering and lending a helping hand is something our world needs more of. Step outside your busy self and see who or what may need your love and kindness.

Listing our intentions and keeping track of our actions help grow personal honor and respect. Live life for a healthier and truer you. Blessings, Love & Light…

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Sandra Walter