Energy Dollars for New Beginnings and Manifestation…

Sometimes I like to think of Transformative Consciousness Coaching and Hypnotherapy for Manifestation in terms of energy dollars…

If we are overspending our energy dollars on painful feelings, repetitive negative thoughts and negative self-talk, not loving ourselves or feeling ‘not good enough’… then learning the skills of emotional mastery and enjoying clinical hypnotherapy to easily release ourselves from these conditioned or sabotaging patterns and stuck energy frees up our energy dollars to splurge on something far more satisfying…like manifesting anything we want!

Exponentially grow your bank account of newly freed up emotional and mental energy dollars beyond your wildest expectations with Spiritual and Energy Fitness (custom designed meditation, breath work, coherence, mind management, focused concentration of awareness, and mantra frequency training which are prerequisites for successfully manifesting in the Unified Field). The best investment possible of our energy!!  Now your energy dollars are starting to pay off!

Align yourself with Heart/Mind Coherence and enter the most mysterious and powerful energy portal for vastly up-leveling your life… and then enjoy your spending spree of your potent energy dollars on a new beginning, a new reality…Manifesting your heart’s desire by entering and creating in the Unified Field with Empowerment Hypnotherapy.

After all, why do we free up, redirect, and build up our energy dollars, if we arent going to enjoy spending them in a place where we successfully manifest and create abundance that enhances everything about our life!

This is your Empowerment!

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