The word “ill” is from the Norse and literally means evil. The belief that illnesses were punishments from God or caused by evil spirits, has been around for centuries. The work of Louis Pasteur in the 19th century gave a new villain to take the blame, “The Germ”. This was a major advance in medicine but the patient was still seen as the victim of an attack by outside forces. Then in 1950, Franz Alexander published a little book based on 17 years of observations, made by himself and his colleagues at and the Chicago, Institute for Psychoanalysis. The book presents evidence that many illnesses and physical dysfunctions are not caused by external factors, but by stress. Seems the observations of Alexander and his colleagues were on point as today Stress is recognized as the 1# proxy killer in the USA and responsible for at least 80% of all medical problems.

What is stress, what causes it, and how does it manifest an illness like cancer in the body? This type of “killer chronic stress” is generated by mental/emotional conflicts for which the individual can find no acceptable resolution. Understanding how and why these conflicts are translated into physical illnesses will require adopting a new paradigm as to the nature of the illness. It will require removing the “ill” aka “evil” from “illness”, it will require looking at illness in a new, and less biased way.

Could there be something positive about illness? The medical community is aware of an interesting side effect of illness and physical dysfunction, they have labeled, “The Secondary Gain” – meaning that somehow the illness proves beneficial to the individual. They are right about there being a “Gain”, but it is far from being “Secondary”! It is the reason the illness was manifested, it is the solution for the unresolved conflict, it negates the stress!

We have the “Why”, but “How” is the mental/emotional translated into the physical. It is happening all the time, but we ignore it because it is incongruent with a linear, logical, cause-and-effect reality, which is necessary for the conscious mind to function properly. The “Placebo” aka “Sugar Pill” has been clinically proven to be effective in treating angina pectoris, migraine headaches, allergies, fever, acne, asthma, warts, peptic ulcers, depression, anxiety, rheumatoid and degenerative arthritis, diabetes, radiation sickness, Parkinsonism, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. Seems like a long list, but it is nowhere near being complete, for the agency within the “Psyche” that manifests the cures, is capable of performing miracles.

For instance in his book, “The Holographic Universe” Michael Talbot recounts the documented story of a man he calls Mr. Wright as recounted by Bruno Klopfer. Mr. Wright had advanced cancer of the lymph nodes, his system was riddled with tumors the size of apples, his liver, and spleen were in such bad shape that a ½ gallon of fluid had to be drained from his chest cavity every day. His diagnosis was terminal, and his life expectancy was measured in days. But, “Hope springs eternal”, Wright had heard of a new drug called Kerbiozen. He knew this was the miracle drug he needed, but his doctor was not so sure. Kerbiozen was highly experimental and he was reluctant to administer it to a patient in his care. Wright begged and pleaded with his doctor until one Friday he was given Kerbiozen. What harm could it do, the doctor did not expect Wight to even make it through the weekend.

Come Monday, much to the doctor’s surprise, Wright was not only still alive he was up and out of bed. His tumors were described as, “melting away like snowballs on a hot stove.” 10 days later this guy that had been chained to an oxygen tank for so long, and not expected to live, was out of the hospital and 12,000 feet above the ground flying his plane.

A wonderful story of near-miraculous recovery, Kerbiozen must be a fantastic cancer cure.

Ahh, but there is more to Wright’s story. After enjoying a couple of months of complete recovery he read the results of a medical study that called into question Kerbiozen’s effectiveness as a treatment for cancer of the lymph nodes. His relapse was just as rapid as his remission had been, and he was readmitted to the hospital.

The doctor had known that there was no evidence that Kerbiozen would be effective in treating Wright’s condition, he has just given it to him because of the begging. There was no doubt in the doctor’s mind that the drug had not been responsible for Wright’s earlier recovery, so he decided to try something. He told Wright he had seen the study questioning the effectiveness of Kerbiozen, but he knew for a fact the tests were flawed. He had heard from a friend of his that the Kerbiozen used in the study was old stock, past its expiration date. So it was no wonder those tests had shown it to be ineffective.

However, Wright was in luck, the hospital had just received a fresh shipment of the Kerbiozen. The drug was administered, and just as before Wright’s recovery was miraculous. He was out of the hospital in no time and lived cancer-free for months. Until one day he read an article on the FDA’s review of Kerbiozen, which basically said the experimental drug Kerbiozen was worthless in the treatment of cancer and would not be approved. Wright relapsed and not long after died.

I use this story to illustrate the power of the placebo because Wright was first injected with an ineffective drug and the second injection was saline. Neither cured him, but his expectation activated an agency within the psyche that did. Unfortunately, his expectation of relapse also activated that agency and killed him.

In ancient pictographs, the psyche is represented by a two-edged sword, as Mr. Wright’s case certainly demonstrates. And that is only the tale of one man. According to the United States Bureau of Statistics, in 2019 there were 133 million cases of chronic illness of a generally incurable nature, and in that same year 2,834,838 recorded deaths. Of that, 80% or 106.4 million illnesses and 2,283,870.4 deaths are caused by “Stress”. This is just another way of saying they were “Psychosomatic Illnesses”.

However, there is a silver lining — every year in the United States, and around the world “Psychosomatic Healings” are taking place. Whether they call them Spontaneous Remissions, Miracles, or Psychic Healings, they are the result of the same agency in the Psyche that manifests illness, being activated to cure instead. Imagine being able to activate that agency of the Psyche at will.

To be continued….


Chris has been fortunate to work in the field he loves. He spent nine years as a touring Metaphysician and four years running metaphysical learning centers. During that time, he developed a technique that is capable of activating the spontaneous healing response. He is writing these articles because he would like to share that technique with you.

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