Primordial Sound Meditation

DREAMMS Empowerment Day
December 4, 2021

Are you stressed out?


Looking for help beyond the prescription pad?

Come join our class and experience Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM), hosted by author, teacher, and integrative physician Harrison Graves, M.D. It’s OM chanting and more.

PSM is a natural remedy for anxiety and stress, popularized at the Chopra Center in California. It’s a simple meditative practice, a 3-word mantra, to help you experience inner calm and peacefulness — to help you relax and sleep better at night.

A mantra (from manas = mind, and tra = instrument) is a tool of the mind from the yoga of sound tradition. It acts like a flashlight to help you find that quiet, peaceful place in your mind — your happy place.

Why OM?

The class starts with OM chanting — because

OM/AUM is the primordial sound — the first sound of the Universe —  and because it’s the first word of the 3-word PSM mantra.

OM is often used as a prefix to take us straight to the highest consciousness, the highest awareness. It’s a sound formula for Oneness, harmony and peacefulness.


After warming up with OM, we practice the Primordial Sound Meditation mantra itself. It’s a short mantra who’s purpose is to induce something the Harvard Institute of Mind-body Medicine calls the Relaxation Response (RR) —a feeling of peacefulness and calm in your own body-mind. 

The Relaxation Response is the goal. It’s what Harvard recommends as a replacement for Xanax — a 10 minute sound meditation.


There are many different ways to meditate. Primordial Sound Meditation is one — a powerful method that’s rooted in the yogic traditions of India. It uses a 3-word mantra that you repeat silently to yourself every day —  for 10 minutes each morning and 20 minutes each evening.

The goal is to induce the Relaxation Response (RR) —a feeling of peacefulness and calm in your own body-mind.

The Doctor is IN

Would you like a personal session with Dr. G?

Sign up today for a PSM (Primordial Sound Mantra) consultation.

During the 1-hour consultation you will be given your personal mantra based on your birth chart, with instruction how to use it, plus important information from your Vedic Astrology chart about your personality, your strengths, weakness and your ideal profession. Free book on healing mantras with every consultation.

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Books and Courses

Mantra books are on Amazon and my “Healing Mantras” course is available on the DailyOM or through my website,

“Let Om be the bow, mind the arrow, and higher consciousness the target. Those who want enlightenment should reflect on the sound and the meaning of OM. When the arrow is released from the bow, it goes straight to the target.”

                Dhyana Upanishad