Woman Heals Through Positivity


Sandra Walter knew from the time she was 8 years old that she was different from everyone else in her family.

She remembers feeling energy from people and then began to actually see people’s auras following behind them and surrounding their bodies. She knew this wasn’t what others saw; she believed she was different and had a special gift.

Upon meeting Sandra I noticed her glow and warmth and immediately felt comfortable around her. It allowed me to relax and engage in conversation with her.

Eight years ago, Walter came to Myrtle Beach to visit her best friend. She felt right away that she was supposed to live in the area and made Carolina Forest her new home. She began taking classes in Wilmington, N.C., and eventually received her certification in hypnotherapy. During these classes, she met a classmate who encouraged her to get involved in the metaphysical community in Wilmington.

She always believed she had a gift of extreme intuition and worked hard towards the future so she could work diligently with others. She also realized she had a talent that would help others live better lives. She was now able to combine her hypnotherapy education with her intuitive abilities and began to approach her healing from a holistic point.

For example, she can perform an intuitive reading about a clients emotional blockages. Through hypnotherapy, she can connect with the issue that they are dealing with and take out the negativity that is affecting someone using positive suggestions.

Sometimes she will use kinetic energy healing, past life regression, meditation or hypnosis, depending on the client’s situation and Taylor make it to their needs. Finally, she gives clients tools and exercises so they can continue to learn to fix problems and issues affecting their lives.

“My intuition takes me to the solution of their problems. The trust happens when they hear me tell them their own story without telling me anything in advance. I always tell my clients that they need to trust themselves more. My positive suggestions are able to help make changes and what they are experiencing,” explained Walter.

She won’t Council people about spousal Affairs or answer questions about death.

Walter’s teaches an Eclectic mix of classes on topics like past life regression. Her Services include hypnotherapy, intuitive and energy readings, medium work, past life regression/readings, and kinetic healing. She is also available for private readings and sessions and spend Saturdays at the life in Balance spiritual Wellness Center.

 The center is a nonprofit created by Dr. Janet Hosmer. Life In Balance Inc., a nonprofit agency in South Carolina, offers the public the opportunity for the study of the balance between the mind body and spirit, along with workshops, speakers and practitioners offering education and instruction.

According to Hosmer, “Skilled practitioners are available to help with the emotional, physical and spiritual needs through several healing practices such as Reiki therapy, energy healing therapy, life coaching, hypnotherapy and spiritual counseling. They are trained to successfully address a wide variety of issues related to home and family as well as work and career.”

This Center has become a hub in the Carolina Forest, Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach and Little River communities that brings together like-minded metaphysical and spiritual people. 

“I use the gifts that God gave me to help others. It brings me joy to see someone’s energy, viewpoint and outlook change from the time they walk into a session with me to the time they leave.” said Walter.  “I just want to be an option for those who are looking for some guidance, health and peace.”

 The SUN News – January 30, 2013


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Sandra Walter