The Times They are a Changin….

Previously we spoke of a book published in 1950 by Doctor Franz Alexander. The title of Alexander’s book was “PSYCHOSOMATIC MEDICINE”, it introduced the concept, that disturbances existing in the psyche caused the manifestation of psychical disorders. Which of their very nature can not be cured by pills or injections, which are designed to treat only psychical manifestation, the symptoms of the casual mental/emotional conflict. Only through the resolution of this underlying element of conflict, can “Psyche” be moved to manifest wellness in the individual.

What is the “Psyche”? Some of you might respond, “The mind.” Meaning the conscious mind, and this answer is not totally wrong. The conscious mind exists in a tiny walled-off section of the “Psyche” which is defined as the soul, the mind, the spirit; the life force, the invisible indwelling animating entity which occupies and directs the physical body. I think of it as the highway that links us to, God, The Creator Conscious, The Matrix, The Divine. On which what Sanskrit refers to as “Prana” or the Bible the “Breath of Life” constantly flows to us. And this answer also is not totally wrong. Years ago I was working with a trance channel when the entity she was  channeling was asked, “What is the nature of the universe, does it go on forever, and if not what’s beyond?” The entity answered; that the conscious minds of humans were not yet evolved to a level that was capable of encompassing that concept. I know the entity was correct because just for a split second I glimpsed the thought-form as the entity considered trying to convey it, and it gave me a splitting headache. It was an image that my mind could not wrap its self around. The image still is with me, but I can’t make the image form in my conscious mind.

The “Psyche” may also be beyond our current comprehension, but I don’t totally comprehend how a computer works either. However, that doesn’t stop me from being able to use the computer. It’s simply a matter of learning which buttons to push.

When Alexander published “PSYCHOSOMATIC MEDICINE”, it was well-received at first. The study and treatment of psychosomatic disorders were considered “the” promising new field in medicine. Courses of its study were offered in medical schools. Then less than a decade later, according to John E Sarno MD, “ The American medical community took a wrong turn and simply abandoned its interest in psychosomatic medicine ”.

Doctor Sarno began practicing medicine the same year that Doctor Alexander’s book was published. Over the years he became a respected member of the medical profession and in1965 joined the staff of New York’s University Medical Center as director of its Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine’s outpatient services. In this capacity, he was responsible for the treatment of patients with neck, shoulder, back, or joint pain. At first, he used the standard methods of treatment, surgery, local anesthetic, physical therapy, ultrasound, massage, and exercise. The treatments generally proved ineffective, and when surgery did work Sarno noticed that the pain often re-manifested somewhere else.

He gradually became convinced that his patient’s disorders were psychosomatic and could not be cured by only addressing the psychical symptoms they manifested. He reasoned that only the patient’s own natural healing ability could cure a psychosomatic illness. So he set about developing a technique that would allow the patient to activate those powerful self-healing abilities. He was successful, his techniques helped 1000’s cure themselves.

Edward Siedle one of Doctor Sarno’s patients, was so impressed, that he wrote articles that appeared in “Forbes Magzine”, titled “AMERICA’S BEST DOCTOR AND HIS MIRACLES CURES”. He expresses a very high opinion of treatments but asks why the most brilliant doctor in the US, a doctor that has produced such great results for 1000’s of his patients at little or no cost, should be shunned by his colleagues, his techniques called questionable and his work generally ignored? Americans spend billions on pain management every year, perhaps the answer is in the question.

Doctor Sarno died in 2017, but he left us a number of books explaining his concepts, techniques, and how to use them. I have read that for many just reading these books and applying the techniques outlined in them, has resulted in them being cured. He was a pioneer in the practice of Psychosomatic Medicine. As with all pioneers he laid the groundwork for proceeding generations that will hopefully build upon and refine his concepts and techniques.

The “Psyche” healing the body has become known as “spontaneous remission” or “spontaneous healings”. While the vast majority of the medical profession still ignores these events, there are a few who have become so intrigued by these mysterious happening. That they have actually started investigating them.

Andrew Weil, M.D. wrote the book on “Spontaneous Healing”, that’s actually the title. In the book, he recounts numerous amazing cases of miraculous recovery. His conclusion after these studies is that there is nothing spontaneous about spontaneous healing. The individuals are doing something to activate the body’s own healing abilities. Which are obviously more powerful than they are normally considered to be.

Kelly Turner was working at a major cancer research center in San Francisco when she read Dr. Weil’s book. She became really excited as she read case after case of these wonderful remissions. She soon found that her colleges did not share her enthusiasm. Not only was there no serious investigation of this phenomenon being done, but as she recounts hearing of some doctors suggesting they prefer the topic not be discussed with patients. Undaunted, and wanting more information she checked the medical journals. She found over a thousand documented cases recorded and basically being ignored. She went back to school, got her doctorate, and  got to work interviewing survivors and healers when possible, she investigated over a thousand cases of spontaneous healing. About seven years ago wrote a book called “Radical Remission” because she to came to conclude that there is nothing spontaneous remission about these events. Her investigations lead to the discovery of nine lifestyle changes that all the survivors had done. She believes that one or all of these activated the healing process. These are  covered in her book and she has set up a network of trained professionals to help those wishing to implement these changes in their life.

 “Cured” The Life-Changing Science of Spontaneous Healing was published in 2020. The book was written, Jeffrey Rediger M.D., M. Div.. This is the first time I am aware of anyone in the medical profession presenting Spontaneous Healing as a science. The use of this terminology infers predictability, push the right button and healing occurs. Nothing spontaneous about it! Not a realm of “Ifs” and “maybes” just an unexplored wing of good old cause and effect reality. Doctor Rediger spent many years investigating phenomenal healing events, and he observed that the process seems to be activated by changes of lifestyle that cause an “Identity Shift”

All three of these books and one written by Doctor Sarno became NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERS, the medical profession still may not be taking Spontaneous Healing seriously, but it would appear the public is.

Doctor Rediger made this statement a number of years ago, “Forty-five percent of Americans suffer from lifestyle illnesses. Speaking now as a theologian, does it help us to ask whether illness is the outcry of an offended soul? Is the body a metaphor for something that a deeper part of us is trying to learn”? Doctor Alexander mentions his having observed certain types of mental/emotional conflicts have an affinity for manifesting disorders in certain parts of the body. Both nature of the disorder and its location in the body are intentionally chosen to express a “Metaphoric Message” as to the nature of the causal mental/emotional conflict. Becoming fluent in the metaphoric language of these disorders is key to the technique we will be learning. So next up, learning “The Language of illness” to understand what the body is trying to communicate.


Chris has been fortunate to work in the field he loves. He spent nine years as a touring Metaphysician and four years running metaphysical learning centers. During that time, he developed a technique that is capable of activating the spontaneous healing response. He is writing these articles because he would like to share that technique with you.

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