Sugar – How Sweet it Isn’t

 by Janet Hosmer, PhD

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, by now you know the benefits of keeping your body at a healthy weight. However, using the cave analogy again, you also by now know that dieting is hard… plain and simple, it’s hard to deny yourself the immediate gratification of a donut, or ice cream, or a fabulous burger & fries! Especially if you’re either living near, or vacationing at the beach or on vacation this summer! Great (almost always unhealthy) food is all around, and it takes a great deal of willpower to just say, “no thanks”.

But, what if you found a way to help alleviate those cravings and have the strength to stick to a healthy plan until you’ve reached your goal.  Sugar – that sweet and wonderful thing – is the culprit responsible for most of your cravings.  Simple sugars are found everywhere…. of course in the dreaded donuts & ice cream, but also in the form of carbohydrates in breads and even in some vegetables like potatoes, carrots (yes carrots!) and corn.

Sugar is a good thing, since your body uses it for energy. However when there’s too much of it in your system, (say, after 2 or 3 donuts), the mechanics of your body have to work to bring the level of glucose (sugar) back to a normal level so all systems stay happy. Hypoglycemia, (a glucose level too low), and Hyperglycemia, (a glucose level too high) are medical condition that we need to keep at bay.

What happens is this: consumption of sugar in any of it’s unrefined forms, causes your internal blood glucose levels to shoot up.  Then your pancreas, always doing it’s best to keep everything at the status quo, has to pump insulin into your system. The insulin in your blood is a signal to your liver and muscle cells to bring that sugar level back down. So all sorts of other hormones that are necessary to metabolize you food are activated and you start storing those calories you’re taking in as fat, and not using them for energy!! When your sugar level drops down as a result of insulin production, guess what happens? You’re hungry again!! (and a whole lot of other things…) And, you want more sugar!!! Yikes!! No wonder you’re having a hard time!

The most important thing to realize here is that it’s NOT YOUR FAULT that you’re always craving those unhealthy things, and can’t seem to stop after you’ve had a sweet or two!! Your body has been programmed to desire and crave these unhealthy substances. You need to learn how to control your intake of sugar and sugar-laden foods and keep your hormone levels stabilized in order to stay satisfied and have the will power to refuse those tempting sweets.

The foods that you eat when trying to lose weight should only be used as a vehicle for the necessary vitamins, minerals and protein that keep your body in a healthy and energized state. Whole foods are your best bet. Avoid anything that is packaged. Sugar and carbohydrate, (and of course calorie) intake need to be at a minimum, while protein, vitamin & nutrient intake needs to be at a very high level. Of course unhealthy processed foods and bad fats (remember those burgers!) need to be kept at a minimum as well, but that’s a topic for another day.  Science is finding that there are so many more causes for our obesogenic society. Also a topic for another day.

And here’s something you probably didn’t know…. removing sugar from your diet raises your vibration! Always a good thing!

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