Illness, a Language of Metaphor

As I started writing on the language of Illness, I found myself drifting off course. I realized I was explaining how and why the Psyche manifests disorders in the physical body. While this is important to understand, it is a subject for another day. This section is somewhat like the lexicon Louse Hay included in her book, “YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE”, but I view the physical symptoms as clues to understanding and identifying the underlying conflict. The language of illness like all language is designed to communicate, it is meant to be understood. It is a very simple childlike language.

Before we get into what the actual body parts tell us, let’s look at the sections of the body. In our figure at the left, you will see a vertical line bisecting the body. In a right-handed female, the right side of the body usually represents the female energy, and the left side the male energy. In a right-handed male, the right side of the body usually represents the male energy, and the left side the female.

In left-handed individuals, it is the reverse. Whichever, the dominant side of the body usually represents the gender of the individual. So a disorder manifesting on the dominant side indicates that the conflict involves themselves or someone of the same gender. To make it less simple, a small percentage of people do not follow this rule. In their bodies, the polarities are reversed, and this does not seem to relate to sexual preferences. I think it may indicate they were ambidextrous, or left-handed and trained out of it. Just be aware that this sometimes occurs so be flexible when you are trying to understand what the body is telling you.

You will notice another line bisecting the body horizontally at the hips. Disorders manifesting above this line are social. They involve interaction with other people, the individual’s social image, and things of that nature. Things below the line represent dealing with physical difficulties, and quite often finances.

BODY PARTS: This list should not be viewed as definitions, but rather as clues or hints. The conflict that is the cause of a physical disorder will usually occur within a six months period before the manifestation. So this list gives you an idea of what areas of the individual’s life to look at. I should mention that the power of the agency within the Psyche that controls these manifestations is immense. I have it manifest disorders in hours and cures in minutes.

THE HEAD: This is the control center of the body, in language we often use the term to denote leadership, the guy in charge. He’s the head of the company or head of the committee. There is a lot of stuff located in the head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and the rest. Disorders with all these should be viewed in the context of being part of the head, but mainly the head refers to the body’s boss the brain. Disorders of the head relate to a desire to abdicate responsibility. These range from headaches, concussions, and mental disorders to fatal brain tumors. The message is, “I don’t want to be responsible”. Senator John McCain died of a brain tumor, what was happening in his life? What did he no longer wish to be seen as responsible for?

THE NECK: The is a flexible connection between brain and body. The keyword here is “flexible” when you hear someone is “stiff-necked”. You are being told that the person has fixed, rigid, inflexible views on something. This often relates to one’s conduct, or how things should be done. This includes how others should conduct themselves also, my way is the right way. Problems in the neck usually relate to us being presented, sometimes forcefully, views on these that differ greatly from ours.

THE SHOULDERS: We speak of someone having broad shoulders, or being willing to shoulder the burden. The strength is definitely represented by the shoulders. Problems here speak of one having to take on more than they feel they should, or can bear/handle. The disorders manifested here may make it impossible for the individual to carry the burden well.

THE UPPER ARM: This is the projected image of strength, and the individual’s abilities to do things, achieve. This is how other people perceive your abilities. It has to do with one’s image before the public. Problems here may indicate the person can not accept the image they feel they are projecting. Disorders manifested here will change the individual’s life in a way as to negate that image. Look at how the individual’s life is changed by the disorder.

THE ELBOW: I have not had much experience with elbow disorders. Hay says it relates to a change, maybe work, lifestyle, or maybe location. I would look at the slang usage of the word, the Psyche seems to use these often. Two that come to mind are  “Elbowing In”, and another is needing “Elbow Room”. So I would look at how the disorder might relate. Also, ask the person about feeling boxed in, or someone inserting themselves rudely/aggressively.

THE FOREARM: This is very like the upper arm, but in the forearm, we are not dealing with an image projected to others.  Here we are dealing with the individual’s actual ability to achieve to get things done. Disorders here may be telling you there is a task that for whatever reason the individual does feel they can or want to do.

THE WRIST: In movies, we often see people taken prisoner having their wrists bound or handcuffed. For ages, this has been used as a form of short-term restraint. Disorders in the wrist often express short-term obligations/commitments the person wants out of.

THE HAND: They can’t handle it, don’t want to handle it, or resent having to handle it.

THE CHEST AND OR BREASTS: Very similar to the upper arm, we are dealing with “image” again. But, here it is gender image, a male beating his chest in one manner or another is the masculine image. With breasts nurturing is the key. Problems express either being sucked dry or not nurturing enough. In the last half of the 20th century, the woman’s role changed, but not the role model they were raised with. Disorders here speak of not being able to be what the gender role model demands.

BACKBONE OR SPINE: Is linked in our thinking to “Will” our personal power to persist, and overcome obstacles. There is a conflict about something that needs to be done. No resolution can be reached, and back problems manifest to say, “ I just can’t do it”. This task may be something they feel should not have to do. Too much is being asked of them.

HIPS: Hip problems speak of the individual not receiving the support they think/feel they should be getting.

THIGHS: The upper part of the leg is much like the upper part of the arm dealing with public image, how others see you. With the arm, the image was social, with the leg we are dealing with the individual’s image as financially successful and physically productive. Once had a right-handed man, show me a tumor on his left thigh. I said, “Let’s start by looking at a woman and your finances”. He replied, “I told her, her spending was killing me.”

KNEE: The act of kneeling shows respect for another person’s authority over us. Disorders with the knees tell us the individual is giving in to someone’s desires/orders/rules, but they are not happy about it.

CLAVES: The claves indicate the individual’s actual financial productivity.

 ANKLES: This traditional point of long-term bondage. So disorders here speak of long-standing obligations the person is unhappy with or just does want to have to do anymore.

FEET: This is the part of our body that touches the earth, and allows us to move in a physical world. As with all the lower body, the feet relate to physical productivity and finances. They represent our ability to find a path forward on these levels. They also represent balance and the ability to sense where the footing is firm for the next step. Problems here for whatever reason the person is unsure of how to move forward, or even which path they should follow.

JOINTS: Inflammation or arthritis in the joints is manifested by resentment. Add that to part of the body affected and you have a clue as to the nature of the mental/emotional conflict.

Next, we will look at the organs.


Chris has been fortunate to work in the field he loves. He spent nine years as a touring Metaphysician and four years running metaphysical learning centers. During that time, he developed a technique that is capable of activating the spontaneous healing response. He is writing these articles because he would like to share that technique with you.

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