Chakras 101 – A Basic Look

What are Chakras and What are their Functions?

What are Chakras? Plain and simple, they are the 7 main energy centers at the core of the body. Each Chakra is like a mini-factory that keeps your spiritual center and soul connected. Knowing your 7 Chakras and their functions is of the utmost importance. Keeping them healthy with breath and meditation is the key to a beautiful Chi flow; your personal energy.

The 7 Chakras

Root (red)- This Chakra keeps you grounded and centered. Physically, it rules the intestines and rectum.

Sacral (orange)- This Chakra holds your creative center and sexual energy, along with soul procreation. It rules the reproductive system, kidney and bladder.

Solar Plexis (yellow)- This holds your will power, self esteem and personal power. It rules the digestive organs.

Heart (green)- It holds the soul/heart consciousness, love and compassion. It rules the cardiovascular system

Throat (blue)- It holds your truth and self expression. It rules the Thyroid gland.

Third-Eye (Indigo)- It holds your intuition and balances the mind and hormones. It rules the pituitary gland.

Crown (Violet)- It’s the Master Chakra; it connects you to your higher self and oneness with the universe peace and wisdom. It rules the pineal gland in your brain.

At least twice a week, take 5 mins and take 20 deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you take these deep breaths imagine each chakra being a lit tea light candle. As you breath in raise the flame as high as you can get it, Then when you exhale, bring that flame down and adjust it to a comfortable level. After 20 breaths, each flame will be at a functioning, even level and be aligned and cleansed for daily Chi flow and function.   

Sandra Walter