Illness, a Language of Metaphor (continued)


We are discussing the metaphoric language or illnesses, and I had planned on going over the organs in this section, but I decided to cover another topic first.

At one time illnesses were thought to be a punishment from God or the work of demonic forces, oddly enough that’s not as absurd as you might think. Dr. Alexander’s book “Psychosomatic Medicine” was published in 1950, he states that his research found that certain types of mental/emotional disorders seemed to have an affinity with the manifestation of certain types of physical disorders to manifest in certain parts of the body. Affinity suggests that this is a naturally occurring process, and while there is definitely a correlation between the nature of the mental/emotional conflict that is the progenitor of the disorder and the nature of the disorder, this correlation is not just coincidental. 

Psychosomatic illnesses are very real, and not to be confused with the illnesses of the Hypochondriac which are only imaginary. Even so, this whole mind-over-body psychosomatic concept has not been well received. People think saying their illness is a “Psychosomatic Illness” is like saying they made themselves sick. Which of course is exactly what it does mean! That is not to say that they consciously made or wished themselves sick. It’s not their fault, you’ve heard the line,” I didn’t know the gun was loaded”. Heck, in this case, they didn’t even know there was a gun.

The first time I worked with someone who understood the true nature of her illness, I was totally floored. I had been asked by a relative to work with a young woman with a neuromuscular disorder that affected her low body. She needed crutches or a wheelchair to get around. I started as I usually do by asking how their disorder has changed their life. Her answer was that” Her illness saved her life”. She went on to tell me, she had been a “Wild Child”, sex, drugs, drinking, and partying all night were her life. She was convinced that she would not be alive if she had not been blessed by this neuromuscular disorder. And she did not want me messing with it! Her life had been out of control, it was a runaway train that was heading for disaster. Her physical disorder was the SOLUTION. A physical disorder does two things, it somehow removes the individual from the conflict, and it speaks in metaphoric terms as to the nature of the conflict. Do you see how her disorder achieves both of these? While her disorder affects the lower body that we saw last month represents finances and dealing with the physical world, it is a neurological disorder that speaks of a desire to abdicate responsibility, and at the same time, the disorder brings the self-destructive “Party Train” to a screeching halt.

She refers to her disorder as a blessing, in most religions, there is something like prayer,  some method of invoking or calling upon higher powers to help us. But her illness, like the vast majority of all illnesses, was Psychosomatic. This means the “Psyche” = ??? has control over the “Soma” = Physical Body. You will notice the “Psyche” is defined by question marks, this is to denote the meaning of the word is usually defined as the conscious mind, unconscious mind, soul, spirit, and so on all the way back to the Creator Consciousness. Which sounds good, unfortunately, we don’t really know what any of the terms mean.

I think most westerners self-identify with the conscious mind, and for that reason, it is very difficult for us to conceive of any other type of intelligence. But, a “Psychosomatic Illnesses” resolves a conflict when the conscious mind was unable so, and sends, “a cry for help” to tell the world there is a problem it can’t handle. That speaks of intelligence. The fact that this intelligence is willing and capable of injuring or even terminating you to resolve the conflict, should give you pause!!!

The guy is walking along when something odd catches his eye, looks like one of those old-timey oil lamps. It’s probably brass, but it’s very ornate and heavy. If this thing was gold, it would be worth something. He’s wiping with his shirttail and out pops a “Genie”. The “Genie” tells him he will grant three wishes, which sounds great. But, in these “Genie” stories it doesn’t usually turn out that way. The guy makes his wishes and all kinds of bad stuff happens. The Genies in these stories get a bad rap. They are portrayed as evil trickers, but they usually do exactly as requested.

The technique you will be using is extremely effective, I have seen it heal disorders in minutes. But the level of the psyche we are dealing with is so divorced from the physical that it may seem to us to be irrational. This level is part of ourselves and yet it is more than willing to manifest disabilities that cause hardships and even death. You need to understand this level does not experience pain, embarrassment, or anxiety. I am not sure if it survives death but certainly does not see it in the same way we do. For this level, everything just “IS” there is no condition that is more desirable than another. There is no good, and there is no bad. It is not capable of those types of value judgments.

The level of intelligence we are dealing with, I’m going to refer to as an entity. It is part of us, but not under the control of the conscious mind. Conceiving of it as an entity personifies it for me, and makes communication with it less clumsy. This whole technique is dependent on you being able to communicate with this entity and persuade it to heal the body or change the manifestation to something else. Which is the equivalent of asking the entity to phase the message differently.

90% of all the scientists that ever lived were alive in the 20th century. In 1900 there were only 4,200 combustion engine autos in the world, the horse or horse and buggy were much more common modes of transport. Now we have cars that can literally drive themselves, we learned to fly, went to the moon, split the atom, and are moving toward a totally computerized technology. You would think that with all the advancements in the last 121years, someone would have identified the agency in the Psyche that is the psycho in psychosomatic disorders. But it was identified in another time of major human technological advance. We need to dial back the calendar a few years, well actually centuries. In 3,200 BCE the Sumerians made what may be the most important advancement in the history of the human race.

A word, a letter, the translation of thoughts of language to symbols that another person could see and understand was a wondrous magical thing. The Phoenicians evolved the symbols into a 22 letter alphabet which was adopted by the Hebrews. These 22 letters each have a meaning, think of them like chapters in a book. The alphabet is the book, a book that begins with Matrix, the Divine, the Life Breath which animates all, describes its journey into physical incarnation, and goes on to describe the path leading to its reunion with the Divine.

The 5th letter of this alphabet is called “Heh” and means “The Window”. What is a window, why is a window? Windows are devices that allow us to regulate the amount of air and light we let into the structure. But it is not air or light that “Heh” regulates. It is the The Life Breath or Breath of Life, The Holy Spirit, which “Heh” regulates. We may think of ourselves as separated from the Divine, but we are not. It is the Life Breath of the Divine that animates us, breaking that connection will terminate the physical organism.

And then there was free will, while still connected to the divine we still regulate, control, and focus that energy’s  manifestation. You might picture a movie theater, your body is the projection on the screen, but what you see on the screen is coming from light projected through a lens. That lens is to light very much like what Heh is to the animating energy flowing from the Divine.         


To be continued:


Chris has been fortunate to work in the field he loves. He spent nine years as a touring Metaphysician and four years running metaphysical learning centers. During that time, he developed a technique that is capable of activating the spontaneous healing response. He is writing these articles because he would like to share that technique with you.

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