As the world as we know it continues to change, learning about the newest modalities for wellness makes a great deal of sense! Join us for this day at the beach (either in person or via Zoom) to learn more about a more holistic approach to feeling better! There are 6 separate speakers, and your registration of $39 guarantees a seat in each classroom, either on the day of the event, or afterward when a video of the presentation is available.



Christopher Garavito, MSPT – 10:00AM

The Health Benefits of
Physical Therapy

 Chris will be discussing the benefits of physical therapy, and why people think it does not work.  This will help to change your perspective of how conservative treatment can assist with long term pain.  He will also be explaining Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, the science behind this 40+ year old technology and why you have not heard of it. 

Chris is the founder of Performance and Rehabilitation Physical Therapy (PAR PT). He earned his Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from Misericordia University in 2009. He has worked as a physical therapist locally for the last 10 years in settings that have included inpatient, outpatient, skilled nursing and home health.

View the extensive services being offered at PAR by clicking here!

Sandra Walter – 11:30AM

Past Lives – Their Influence on You

Discovering issues from your past lives and how they influence your current life is an important step in self-love and self-care. In this class Sandi will be discussing and covering how your past lives influence your current life and the meanings of karma and reincarnation, as well as the importance of self love and self care through all of it.

Past life retrieval and present day energy and emotional function are two of Sandi’s fields of focus as she helps others to understand their personal energy and vibration. She has been helping people uncover what is holding them back for many years!

David & Margo Sears – 12:45PM

Clever Crossover Uses of Healing Modalities

 Be in the Flow with us! Experience a powerful & fun demonstration on volunteers (you!) with crossover uses of different healing Modalities while we quietly explain what we’re doing. We will use drumming, aromatherapy, Reiki, crystal medicine, guided breathing or visualization, smudging, chakra medicine, intuition, spirit animals, angelic guides, shamanism & more. Be relaxed, refreshed, inspired and empowered!

Margo & David are Reiki Master Teachers & Authors, also Meditation & Chakras Instructors, Shamans, Life Coaches, Mediums, Pastors/Founder of a national, multi-faith energyworkers association, as well as Drum Circle leaders.

Visit David and Margo’s comprehensive website by clicking below!

Harrison Graves, M.D. – 2:00PM

A Journey Through the Chakras

There are seven main chakras in the body situated along the spine which are intimately related to the level of consciousness one is able to access as well as the degree to which areas of the body are able to maximize their potentiality. A powerful method for charging the chakras with higher energy is through the use of Sanskrit mantras, providing spiritual advancement through the use of healing sounds. Chanting the chakra mantras helps to feel grounded, connected, powerful, loving and inspired.

Dr. Graves is a wellness physician, meditation teacher, yogi and author. Explore Dr. Graves’ website by clicking the button below.

Denise Ortiz – 3:15PM

Retrain Your Brain

Ever wish you could feel more positive? Rid yourself of negative thoughts and patterns? Hypnosis, NLP and many other modalities can show you how to do just that. You hold the power to change your mind. Here’s some of the things we will be talking about: The body – mind connection, How words make a difference, Managing your thoughts, Dealing with emotions.
You’ll also take part in a group hypnosis session to experience what it feels like when you slow down the body and the mind. By sharing the power and effectiveness of hypnosis and intuitive gifts, you can learn how to begin taking charge of your mind and retrain your brain.

Denise is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer NLP certified and Spiritual Counselor, Founder of The Helpers and based in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Her positive and simple approach has helped many for over 30 years, improving their daily lives and uplifting their energy.

Christine Pugh Gordon – 4:30PM

Finding Our Best Life in 2022!!

The Universal change may seem a bit scary, out of control, or even a bit mean. However, when we listen and read the signs given to us by the Divine Universe we become aware of how this is the Best Time to be Alive!!

As a Shamanic Grandmother, Cleric and Medium, Chris Gordon offers a unique healing experience with Celestial Healing. She has an unique gift of seeing, hearing and reading Energy.  By incorporating Love, Compassion and Gratitude, Chris works with the Energies to harmonize the mind, body and spirit, clearing the way to your Best Life!